Belated Mid-Autumn Festival Wishes.

Start from now,
i will try my best to renew my blog with my broken english,
HOPE it will be work FOR improving my english.
Why i decide to do like that?
Because of my RESULT in the final exam.
ENGLISH broke my heart,badly.
English same with Bahasa Malaysia,
cannot be translate from Mandarin word by word.
So i will try my best from now =)

yesterday was our mid-autumn festival,
celebrated with my lovely friend,XIN,
playing candle and all that,
feeling loving.

The second semester will coming soon,
count down two days for back hostel,
hope that everything is fine and good,
still need to keep it up for my studies even the overall result was good to me.
and do not feeling frustrate to some meaningless things.
So just keep moving on for myself ! =)